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Scott Goodfellow discusses strategies on how to get noticed by recruiters. He shares pre-interview tips, specific interviewing strategies, and explains what makes a candidate stand out in an interview.
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Scott says that when he is looking to hire someone for a job in finance or accounting at Proctor & Gamble, he wants to see a broad experience base beyond those two specialized areas. During an interview, recruiters are not necessarily just looking for depth of experience, but for experience in leading others and making a difference. How do you set yourself apart from other interviewees? Go to career fairs and talk to the recruiters. Make sure everything on your resume is quantifiable – not just through action verbs, but through metrics. Once you get past the initial contact and into an actual interview, the recruiter will want to know how you are going to fit into the company and if you are willing to take on leadership. If you take an hour or two to really think through your resume, you can be prepared with direct, succinct answers. Lack of preparation can be a huge downfall, especially for undergraduates, since they haven’t had the real world experience of selling themselves. Familiarity is your best friend – get to know previous interns, speak to recruiters at multiple job fairs, and learn all about the company. Quality of preparation is more important than quantity of interviews. Alumni references can help, but are not the sole decision factor in an interview. If you don’t understand a question in an interview, try rephrasing it for clarification.

About the Speaker
Scott Goodfellow is the Procter & Gamble Chemicals Finance Manager and has been with the company since 1993. He also recruits for finance and accounting roles. As the Chemicals Finance Manager, he is responsible for developing regional and global business and business strategies for the $2B/yr oleo-chemical group. His previous position at P&G was the Finance Manager for Folgers Coffee, an iconic $1.5B/yr brand. In this role, Scott was responsible for financial leadership of investment decisions, market expansion choices, product initiatives, pricing and market spending options. Scott holds an MBA in Finance from Xavier University and a BS in Engineering, Computer Science from Cornell University.

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