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Elliott Garlock gives advice on using available resources to get a job.  He shares tips on doing thorough research into your industry and company, and tells our listeners the things that he wishes he would have done differently while he was going through the process.
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Before a job interview, there are a few things that applicants should do. First, research the company and industry by reading the basics, such as the Vault guide for the industry, company, and competitors to build your knowledge on its background. Then, use social networks to find people that work at the company and have an informational interview with that person. Finally, ask that person to refer you to another person within the company so that you can have another informational interview. These interviews are very important and give you leverage during the actual interview.

As a college student, you should read trade magazines and blogs, and develop relationships with faculty.

About the Speaker
Elliott is currently an Assistant Brand Manager at Procter and Gamble. He markets and sells the best pet food in the world—Eukanuba. Elliott graduated from Cornell University in 2007. While at Cornell, he worked at Student Agencies, Inc. (SAI).Elliott has long run plans to launch a business and philanthropy organization. He is interested in economic development and political change in Asia and Africa, education reform in the USA, global philanthropic efforts, entrepreneurship, philosophy, religion, and sociology. Give him a buzz if you have an idea you want to share.

He keeps an inconsistent blog at http://elliottgarlock.wordpress.com
You can email him at: elliott.garlock@gmail.com

To watch video interviews of Elliott, visit Prendismo

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