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Steve Benjamin discusses the benefits of alumni networking. His recommendation to students is to “get over themselves” and focus on the opportunities that still exist. He advises students to reach out and tap the vast networks available to them.
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Steve thinks that students are overly concerned about the down turn of the economy, since the situation has been much worse in the past. He recommends that students get over their stress and start focusing on the problem at hand. Students that are graduating from Cornell are at the top of the pyramid. Blindly sending out resumes won’t be very helpful. Graduate school is a very good option, with short term and long-term benefits. If you are in the engineering school at Cornell, Steve highly suggests that you stay one more year for the master’s degree. If you decide to start looking for jobs, you should use the alumni network. For example, Steve serves as a mentor to an undergraduate student interested in engineering and entrepreneurship. He gives students assignments and advice that can help them find opportunities. Don’t contact the alumni for direct help in obtaining a job, but for help in seeking out new paths and opportunities. Steve reminds students to thank the alumni and keep them updated on your progress.

About the Speaker
Since graduating from college, Steve Benjamin has had three careers and is now inventing his fourth. From 1982 to 1988 he worked in the Air Freight industry, as Vice President Strategic Planning for Burlington Air Express. In 1988 Steve and his wife, Sheri, started The Benjamin Group Inc., a public relations agency working with high technology companies. In 1992, concurrent with being CFO of Benjamin Group, Steve got into the Customer Loyalty consulting business in partnership with Burke Inc. Steve was able to develop and manage significant relationships with key high tech companies like Sun Microsystems and Applied Materials.

Steve Benjamin holds a Bachelors and Masters of Engineering as well as an MBA from Cornell University.

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