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Tiffany Norwood gives 10GoodMinutes listeners advice on salary negotiation from two perspectives: first as an employee working for large multinational corporations, and now as an employer in the area of information technology.
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When discussing salaries, Tiffany Norwood can speak from experience as both an employee and an employer. Before you even begin to negotiate salary, arm yourself with information on the value of the position and how it aligns with your experience. Do a lot of research and compare your position against certain parameters such as the size of the company. Get a good sense of the market value of your position and then set the expectation at the interview of what you would consider to be a reasonable pay. Even though you may feel it is taboo to discuss salaries during an interview, ask about the salary range, and if it is lower than you expected, offer the information that you found during your research and ask if their range is flexible.
The employer will react differently depending on how you bring it up the issue of salary. It is more effective if an interviewee is speaking from the perspective of the market value and demonstrates the value of the employee to the customer than just from a personal point of view. Speak from the perspective of the company rather than from your own perspective.

About the SpeakerTiffany Norwood is the Executive Vice President, Product and Marketing with Next Generation Broadband (NGB). In this role, Ms. Norwood is responsible for all of NGB’s product management and marketing endeavors. Ms. Norwood, co-founder of NGB, has more than 12 years of telecommunications experience including roles as VP of International Business Development at World Space and Director of European Operations at Road Runner. Prior to these posts she has worked in investment banking, including leading players such as Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley and Citicorp. Her experience spans several countries, not limited to England, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa and The Netherlands.

Ms. Norwood has a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s in Economics with a concentration in statistics and electrical engineering from Cornell University.

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