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Norb Mayrhofer focuses on teamwork and managing expectations. He discusses strategies on how professionals can stand out in a team environment, and the importance of taking initiative.
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How can a young employee stand out in a team environment? Norb says that the most important thing is for the employee to understand the ultimate goal: to make the team successful. Productive teams have a good combination of leaders and followers and a well-balanced delegation of tasks. The employee should be aligned with the team’s overall mission and understand what needs to get done, and take responsibility for appropriate parts of the team’s work, whether leading or following. Also, a good team player is someone who proactively goes out of his or her way in order to solve the smaller problems so that the larger goal of the team can be accomplished. The traits of a good leader include being able to delegate well and ensuring that others understand the goals of the team and are putting in their best effort. A good follower does everything he or she can do in order to make the leader successful. If what the leader or boss expects of an employee is unclear, that employee should ask for clarification to avoid wasting time and money. Finally, in order for an employee to stand out in a group, he or she must understand that opportunities aren’t always given. The employee therefore needs to be innovative and take initiative in seeing the bigger problems and the challenges and solve them in a way that others can learn from.

About the SpeakerNorb Mayrhofer is the Vice President and General Manager of Procter and Gamble’s Global Professional Division. During his 31 year P&G career, he has held positions of increasing responsibility in the Soap, Soft Drink, Food, Beverage, Paper and Professional Divisions, along with several staff assignments. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, a former trustee of Chatfield College and Girls Southeast Cincinnati, Inc., and a member of the Business Advisory Council and the Foundation Board of Directors of the Jones School of Business at his alma mater, SUNY Geneseo.

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