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Russ Finkelstein discusses what it is like to work for a nonprofit organization.  He talks about having passion for what you want to do, and how to show an organization that you are the right candidate for the job.
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In the current economy, the nonprofit sector has been taking on many societal issues, and it is a great and challenging time to be involved with nonprofit enterprises. Young professionals interested in working in the nonprofit arena need to learn how to adequately prepare for an interview. Preparation is the most important issue, because often candidates feel there is a lesser standard in nonprofit organizations, which is not true. Prospective employees should ask smart, specific questions that demonstrate they have invested time and energy into this particular job. Not only should candidates show that they are qualified and have necessary skills and experiences, it is also important that they show passion for the particular issue and the specific approach that the organization uses to address it. Although nonprofits may pay less than for-profit companies, an employee can still make a very good living. Prospective employees need to prioritize and make choices about their expectations and motivation.

About the SpeakerRuss joined the staff of Action Without Borders in August 1995 to help build and to train nonprofit and community-based organizations on how best to use the internet. Currently, he supports those working in and seeking work in the nonprofit sector, including human resources professionals, graduate and fellowship programs, nonprofit career fairs, volunteerism, and the range of professional development trainings.

Russ has a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) in Education and Nonprofit Management from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and his B.A. is from Connecticut College.

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