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Paul Joseph explains how to leverage a telephone screen into a face-to-face interview. He also provides tips to utilize the telephone more effectively when conducting a job search.
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Paul sees a telephone screen as an opportunity for you to proactively sell yourself. In using the telephone to either ace an interview or be proactive in job searching, it is important to do your homework first; research the company and interviewer to understand what they are looking for, and also know your value proposition to market yourself as a candidate for the job. For the phone interview, enter the conversation with an objective in mind and sell yourself. Paul also reminds interviewees to engage the interviewer by asking similar questions back, and therefore develop a more personal connection. Similarly, initiate a phone call after sending in a resume to develop a personal relationship, giving you a competitive edge.

About the SpeakerPaul Joseph has almost twenty years of management, marketing and sales experience and more than fifteen years of high-tech industry experience. As a management consultant, Mr. Joseph has worked with founding management teams, senior executives, board members and investors at more than 100 organizations, ranging from seed stage and venture-capital backed start-ups to Fortune 100 manufacturers.
Mr. Joseph is currently self-employed as a management consultant, working with clients in the United States and Israel. His experience spans many vertical industry products and solutions, and many types of businesses, including: hardware, software, SaaS and services providers.

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