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Willy Franzen, founder of One Day, One Job and One Day, One Internship shares innovative ways to leverage Twitter and Facebook in your job search.
Willy explains how to make professional connections and get interviews using websites like Facebook and Twitter for professional networking. Everyone has heard that you should not have bad things up on your Facebook page that employers might see, but Willy has advice on how to use Facebook in a positive way. You can use the Facebook advertising model to reach employers by targeting specific employer networks with advertisements and by linking to your online resume. This helps job seekers get a foot in door and get their resumes to right people. Twitter allows job seekers to jump into conversations and reach people, from CEOs to college students. You can find people in your industry discussing relevant knowledge and provide value to those conversations to build your reputation. You can learn information about a company and make connections with people.
About the SpeakerWilly Franzen is the founder of One Day One Job, One Day One Internship, and Found Your Career. He graduated from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations with a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2006.

After graduating from Cornell in 2006 he took on a number of contract jobs while traveling and pursuing his passion of fly fishing. After beginning his job search, he became frustrated with the way employers presented themselves to potential applicants online. He eventually quit his job search and decided to try to change how people find jobs online.

Since he stopped job searching in May of 2007, Willy has reached over 500,000 job seekers through One Day, One Job and One Day, One Internship with his in-depth employer profiles and job search tips. His new venture Found Your Career is an online job search training course.

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