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Angela explains that the compensation package that employees receive is more than just salary. The whole package is more than just a single number.
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Angela begins by urging students to recognize the elements of compensation packages beyond just salary. Other equally important elements in the job offer are benefits, program policies, and office culture. Benefits such as medical insurance, bonuses, and leave policy are crucial in both a fiscal and personal sense. Ask questions such as, “How much medical does the employee pay versus how much medical does the company pay,” “What is the timing of the bonus, “What is the recovery agreement,” and “what types of leave are offered?” Another key factor is if the company has professional development, which includes training for employees, mentoring programs to help develop employees in their careers, and regular feedback for employees on expectations and progress. Finally, office culture is a major part of what a prospective employee should understand. For example, a prospective employee should find out about the dress code and the social environment of the workplace. It is also important to look at gender equality and inclusion: What percent of top executives are women and/or ethnically diverse individuals? Lastly, be sure to understand the firm’s attitude toward mobility if you are interested in working abroad or being able to transfer. Overall, make sure to look at more than simply the base salary: read the fine print and understand the office culture to ensure a job offer is a good fit.

About the SpeakerAngela Sorrell is an Assistant Director with Ernst & Young LLP(EY) and has been with the firm for six years. Currently she serves as the Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) lead campus recruiter, the firms lead recruiter at Cornell University, and the program manager for EYs China in Your Future program.Angela is very involved in EYs internal initiatives including the local Professional Womens Network (PWN) and Social Responsibility. Angela chairs many local EY Cares events such as the holiday giftwrap for Juvenile Diabetes and EYs monthly breakfast preparation for the homeless.

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