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Anne Loehr discusses the challenges and opportunities that Generation Y faces in the workplace. She helps Gen Y and Boomers understand how the other side sees their actions, and what they can do to bridge cultural gaps.
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The top behaviors of Generation Y that annoy Boomers are casual dress, constant texting, and the need for feedback. Members of Gen Y should be sure to understand the expectations in these areas before interacting with Boomers. Gen Y and Boomers alike love to multitask, but the technology that Gen Y uses is very visible, making it seem like they aren’t paying attention. Gen Y needs to recognize that there is still a need for face-to-face contact. There are also differences in attitudes; Boomers think Gen Y feels entitled and Gen Y thinks Boomers prevent them from getting things done quickly. To bridge the gap, Anne suggests that Generation Y should learn the culture of the company and the attitude boss so they can know what style of language and key words to use. Generation Y and Boomers should try to understand each other through talking and discussing what each group needs.

About the SpeakerAnne Loehr owned and managed international, eco-friendly hotels and safari companies for over 15 years. During this time she also worked with the Kenyan government to create Kenya’s national hotel eco-rating criteria, the first of its kind in Africa.

Frustrated that she couldn’t find top-quality leadership, coaching, and team effectiveness facilitators for her 500 Kenyan employees, she started studying these skills herself. After selling the hotels and safari company, she returned to the US and specialized in executive coaching and leadership development. Anne then partnered with Riverstone Endeavors and has worked with clients such as PBS, Airlines Reporting Corporation, NRDC, World Bank, Carlson Destination Marketing Services and The Nature Conservancy.

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