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Susan Youngblood discusses the importance of having a mentor that can help and guide you through your career. She also outlines the differences between a sponsor and a mentor.
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Susan defines a mentor as someone that you can go to with questions, who has more experience than you in a certain area, and who can teach you skills that you lack. A sponsor is someone who has seen your work and can champion your candidacy for a particular job and who pushes your career forward based on what they’ve seen you do. People can get a mentor either through an informal relationship (a next-door neighbor) or a formal relationship (a top executive). To get the attention of a prospective mentor, either send an email directly or connect through a network, such as a manager or mutual friend. People need mentors because somewhere down the line, everyone runs into challenges and doesn’t know what to do. A mentor has “been there”, and can have great advice to help you get through hard times and succeed. In return, the mentor gets a new perspective and the satisfaction of helping others. Even if you don’t think it is important now, go find a mentor and nurture all the relationships that you form over your career.

About the SpeakerSusan Youngblood joined IBM in 1992 and has held HR leadership roles in multiple business units including software, technology development and manufacturing, services, and sales. She currently serves as Director of Human Resources for the Tivoli software division which includes 7,000 people worldwide. Tivoli has a major presence in the United States, and also has software labs in Malaysia, Poland, China and the U.K.

Youngblood has experience in varied HR specializations, such as employee/industrial relations, talent management, workforce planning, executive development and diversity.

Susan Youngblood received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Vassar College and her master’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

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