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Matt Faso shares opportunities and challenges related to working for small and mid-sized sized companies.
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A key difference between large and small companies is that in smaller companies, employees are allowed to be more involved in strategic planning and really help shape the direction of the company. At a larger company, employees tend to have one smaller task, but in smaller companies, employees can be involved in all steps of the development process. A downfall of working in a small company is that there are less people to interact with, which can be a problem if a new employee doesn’t click with the other workers. In a large company, there are many more people and opportunities. In addition, larger companies have a more formal training process whereas smaller ones use more on-the-job training and expect a new employee to make an impact that first day. A smaller company does offer more job security because more personal relationships are formed and the company can take advantages of changes in the economy faster than a large company could. Also, the more personal level of small companies allows for easier access to the CEO and more direct feedback and connections. Faso believes that compensation is pretty much the same in large and small companies, but larger companies tend to have a greater variety in benefits and smaller companies are more flexible in creating the package. When interviewing for a smaller company, remember the interviewer is likely a top executive and they are looking for a very versatile person.

About the SpeakerFrom internet startups and technology companies to more traditional old economy staples, Matt has been involved exclusively in marketing since writing an award winning business plan in the Entrepreneurship@Cornell program his junior year at Cornell University. Matt is currently a Marketing Advisor at Haley Marketing Group, where he works with clients on their marketing programs. Prior to Haley Marketing, Matt worked for Ingram Micro (a Fortune 75 company) and for the Hearst Corporation, one of the largest media conglomerates in the world.

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