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Susan Roane shares a few simple techniques to help you network more effectively.
To download this podcast, click hereSusan RoAne, author of Face to Face and How to Work a Room, shares tips and information on networking. Many people are often wary of networking, claiming that it is “using people,” but it is really just utilizing resources. If you share information, then you should be on the receiving end as well. Networking is a lifestyle; it’s a way of communicating and helping others. Susan urges listeners to go to any event that they are invited to or that is offered in order to meet new people. These people aren’t strangers because you already have the event in common. Susan also discusses the “Scarlett O’Hara syndrome,” where people feel the need to be formally introduced before speaking with someone. Savvy networkers initiate conversation and introduce themselves in 7-9 seconds. Have this self-introduction prepared ahead of time to be more confident and tailor it to the specific event to give context. For those who think they are too shy, Susan offers the advice that 90% of American adults identify themselves as shy, so focus on trying to make other people that may be shy feel more comfortable. Also, in addition to approaching people, you should be approachable; have a nice smile and look friendly.

About the SpeakerSusan RoAne leads a double life as a bestselling author and a sought-after keynote speaker. Known as “The Mingling Maven,” she gives her multi-generational audiences the required tools, techniques and strategies they need to connect and communicate in todays global business world. Her practical, informative, and interactive presentations are known for what The San Francisco Chronicle calls her dynamite sense of humor.Because of her groundbreaking best-seller, How to Work a Room, Susan is considered the undisputed and original networking and conversation expert. It has sold over a million books worldwide and has launched an industry that she continues to create and shape in the 21st Century. She also wrote The Secrets of Savvy Networking , What Do I Say Next? and her new book is Face To Face: How To Reclaim The Personal Touch in A Digital World.

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