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Laura Sewell tells students what they should do this summer if they have not been able to find a job or internship. Toward the end, she shares some resume tips to help in the future.
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The number one things you can do if you are going into the summer without a job offer is to increase your visibility. Find activities in your community or across the country that will enhance your marketability to prospective employers. Laura also reminds students that many companies are still making job offers even though the semester is over, so they should start marketing themselves through every venue possible. Leverage your entire network to find out which companies you might want to work at, which companies are still hiring, and what skills are most sought after. Then, find someone within the company, introduce yourself, and express your interest. If there is a company that you are interested in that doesn’t recruit on your campus, look for opportunities to connect through social networks. Laura closes by giving some tips on how to stand out in the application process, such as using your resume to show leadership potential, key accomplishments, strong team work, and work ethics. She gives five key resume tips: spend time on your resume, tailor it to the position, ensure perfection, keep it to one page, and stress achievements (not just job descriptions).

About the Speaker
Laura Sewell begain her career with IBM in 1998 after graduating from NC State and spending two years in the public school system. Laura currently leads US University Recruitment and US Employment Branding for IBM. Her IBM experience includes a variety of roles in HR and Global Business Operations. She is passionate about bringing top talent in to IBM and helping students understand the variety of opportunities available across the company and across the globe.

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