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Lynn Gray discusses how the current economy is impacting job opportunities for Gen Y, and shares specific strategies that can help Gen Y succeed.
To download this podcast, click hereWith several years of experience at Lehman Brothers and an extensive recruiting background, Lynn Gray offers advice for the Generation Y workforce. She explains how the current economy is impacting job opportunities. Recruiting is down 22% for entry level jobs and boomers are not retiring, thus limiting opportunities for Gen Y. However, she is optimistic because she believes Gen Y is resilient, practical, knowledgeable, and can be more creative in their job searching. She provides an example of how Lehman Brothers had to transfer 20 new hires from the real estate section that they were hired for, to a more general section. 19 of the 20 agreed to their offer and are using the transfer to build different skill sets until the real estate sector revives. Also, she discusses how Gen Y is the most diverse workforce generation the US has seen yet. They can communicate around the world easily and have traveled a great deal, and are therefore more open to international opportunities. Towards the end, she explains that this tight economy is a great opportunity for junior employees to step up and relieve some of that stress taken on by senior management. Her advice for Gen Y is to try different things, take on different tasks, expand their knowledge base and be ready to take the next step when the economy booms again.

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Lynn Zuckerman Gray is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Campus Scout, LLC, which provides strategic campus-recruiting services for corporations. For more than eleven years, Lynn was with Lehman Brothers in New York, serving from 2002-2008 as Global Chief Administrative Officer of Lehman Brothers’ Global Real Estate Group. She also was an active member of Lehman Brothers’ Women’s Network serving on its Steering Committee and as the Network’s Cornell Recruiting Team Captain. Lynn is a graduate of Tufts University and the Cornell Law School and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Graduate Program in Real Estate of Cornell University where she chairs the Career Advisory Subcommittee and the MBA Program in Real Estate at the University of

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