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Jane Chin makes a return appearance to discuss two specific strategies designed to help you become a high achiever: managing your boss and developing your personal brand.
To download this podcast, click hereJane is working on a seminar series called “Overcoming Redundancy”, which targets high performance individuals and high achievers. Two of the key points from the seminar series are learning to manage your boss and creating your own personal brand. Jane urges listeners to think of they can manage their boss. One relevant question is “What is your boss’s definition of a job well done?” You need to know specifically what it is that you do that your boss views as important; it may not be what you thought. Another important question is “How does your boss view his or her own management style?” This view doesn’t have to match with how the other employees view him or her; it’s about what the boss thinks of him or herself. This is good to know because it will give you a lot of ideas on what to anticipate from your boss. Ask your boss questions like “how do you like to work with your employees”, “how do you like to communicate with them”, and “if we work together, how often do you need to hear from me?” The second key point from her seminar series, personal brand, is about how other people see you regardless of how you see yourself. You need to really think about your own strengths and how you contribute to the company. A good way to get an idea of your present personal brand is to think of what your boss or co-workers need when they call on you to do something. What situations or problems do people connect you as the solution to? The importance of having a personal brand is that in order to overcome redundancy, you want to make sure that your expertise is directly affecting at least five people in your organization. You also need to be proactive about creating your brand rather than reactive, because if you wait for feedback to come to you, it may already be too late.
About the Speaker
Dr. Jane Chin is a microbusiness entrepreneur/coach and career transition strategist. Dr. Chin applies strategic thinking techniques to help professionals and companies identify the core nucleus of a problem and where viable solutions may reside. She integrates professional development with personal mastery, and writes about fear of success, addiction to approval, backstabbing coworkers, answering the question “what should I do with my life”, and various Achilles heel of career professionals. Jane is currently writing a book to help career professionals achieve high performance.

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