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Julie Bauke, a career strategist, gives listeners some tips on salary negotiation.
To download this podcast, click hereJulie explains that it is important to negotiate you salary because HR expects you to and if you don’t negotiate, you are most likely leaving money on the table. Salary negotiation is very beneficial in the long run because it continues to pay dividends throughout your career as more raises add on to the original one. Her advice when negotiating is to be clear as to why you believe you deserve a raise. The reasons behind your ask must pertain to the industry, company, or your skills rather than personal need. Also, Julie believes that you really only have one opportunity to negotiate. You need to get everything you want across at once. She also expands on some factors that may affect your ability to negotiate, such as the economy and market demand for your skill set. While these are uncontrollable, certain factors are in your control. You should have researched industry and salary comparables. This research is also key to help you determine how much you are worth to a company. Your value might be higher than the industry norm because you graduated at the top of your class or because you have great internship or work experience. Some common mistakes many candidates make while negotiating are forcing the company to give you a salary they don’t feel good about, pitting companies against each other, and bringing up irrelevant things such as needing a raise to pay the bills. Julie is offering her book, “Stop Peeing on our Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes that Screw Up your Job Search”, for free to three people. Simply send her a story about your negotiating experience by Thanksgiving (2009) for a chance to win!

About the Speaker
Julie Bauke is a Career Strategist and President of Congruity Career Consulting. Her business focuses on educating and motivating individuals to take charge of their careers. She has over 12 years experience working with everyone from executives to professional athletes to college students. She is a dynamic speaker, trainer and coach and is the author of “Stop Peeing on our Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes that Screw Up your Job Search”. She believes that we all deserve to be “career happy”.
As mentioned in the show, please email her via www.congruitycareer.com
before Thanksgiving 2009 for a chance to get a free copy of her new book.www.linkedin.com/in/juliebauke



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