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Larry Robertson discusses what people can learn from successful entrepreneurs and how to apply it to their careers, which he discovered while interviewing many entrepreneurs for his book, “A Deliberate Pause”.
To download this podcast, click hereLarry defines a deliberate pause as that conscious moment when we open our minds, wonder why things are the way they are, and question how life could be better. Many entrepreneurs, practice this to the extent that it infuses with their life choices. He also discusses how there is no formula to success. People are very used to approaching things with a predetermined process, but good ideas and the ability to evolve into something meaningful doesn’t come with a formula. Successful entrepreneurs, for example, create a career that is molded closer to who they are and don’t worry about following a formula. They have a very driven quality about them because they feel that failure is not an option. Entrepreneurs have a unique capacity to see patterns where others don’t. They then see opportunity to make a difference in the world, and also see that no one else is doing anything about it, and so they feel a strong need to do it themselves. There is a unique undertaking and commitment that anyone can practice in their own careers. Larry also urges that people must define their own metric of success and determine what success means to them in their own terms. If you use someone else’s metric for success, once you reach the goal, you may not feel accomplished or fulfilled. Larry ends with giving us three things about successful entrepreneurs that can be applied to any career: (1) entrepreneurs don’t look at money as the primary driver as to where to focus their energies; there is always something deeper that drives them, (2) entrepreneurs are constantly engaged in and personally connected to what they do, and (3) entrepreneurs have given themselves the freedom to think differently, to question, and to search for ways to create value.

About the Speaker
Larry Robertson has spent two decades in the entrepreneurial universe in roles ranging from advisor to investor and many in between. In 1992, he founded Lighthouse Consulting, which, appropriately, guides entrepreneurial ventures, their leaders, and those who invest in them. Larry frequently lectures on entrepreneurship at Georgetown and Cornell Universities and is a recognized expert on entrepreneurship in public, private, and academic forums. He has recently written “A deliberate pause: Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress” that reflects his views on the topics of entrepreneurship and human progress.

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