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Jim Cassio describes what green careers are and walks listeners through some resources and opportunities.
To download this podcast, click hereJim explains that green jobs refer to jobs that are good for the environment, but it is difficult to determine what exactly this constitutes. A green economy requires sustainability and a full understanding of what it takes to preserve and protect the environment. Green jobs can be even more competitive than others, and require significant education and training. One misconception is that green jobs are available to anyone who looks for them, but reality is that they are in fact very competitive. Another misconception is that green jobs exist in only one or two industries, when in fact they can be found in all industries. Green jobs are not significant yet but the number is growing and the variety is wide. Jim believes that it is important to understand that green jobs exist with any employer who is committed to being environmentally responsible, even non-green companies. A resource people should use is the nonprofit sector because it offers very important educational and networking opportunities for those interested in green careers. Working as a volunteer or unpaid intern and expanding your skill set, gaining experience, and up to date knowledge, can be very beneficial in getting a green job. Another resource is Jim’s free electronic publication, “The Green Careers Resource Guide”, which can be found on his website. Jim’s expresses that it is important to recognize that you can green your own career rather than having to switch to a different career to be green. Think about what you can do to make your current career and employer greener.

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Jim Cassio is a career information and workforce development consultant and author of the Green Careers Resource Guide and Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future (with co-author Alice Rush). Jim has been commissioned to conduct hundreds of labor market studies over the course of his career and has published numerous research reports, occupational resource books, and training directories.www.cassio.com

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