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Lori Mousseau discusses the key components that recruiters are looking for in the initial 10 seconds that they take to review a resume.
To download this podcast, click hereLori begins with some factors that catch a recruiter’s eye in the 10-12 seconds they take to look over a resume: GPA, education, grammatical and spelling errors, versatility, and short and concise information. The GPA is very important to include on resume, because recruiters will assume the worst if it is not. Cumulative and major GPAs should be included, as well as an expected graduation date if you are still in college. Lori also mentions that even if you are below the minimum requirements for GPA for a specific job, they will still look at your personal circumstance and your extracurricular activities. Versatility on the resume is very important, even for a 4.0 student. The various clubs or activities that you may be involved in and the roles and positions you may have in them demonstrate to the recruiter that you are multi-faceted, willing to go above and beyond what is expected, you have leadership and organizational skills, and that in the long run you will be successful in a company. Lori also stresses that is important to have others look over your and proofread your resume because typos can make the recruiter question your attention to detail and your writing ability. The resume should be one page, short and concise, and formatted correctly. Jobs should be listed in chronological order with the most recent job first, the first bullet point must be the most important information, and subjective comments should be left off. Lori ends the show with explaining that the importance of cover letters is that they can explain things that may be sticking out from your resume. For example, if there is a gap in employment on your resume, you should explain why in the cover letter. The recruiter will look at the cover letter when any questions arise while looking over a resume.

About the Speaker
Lori is the Campus Recruiting Manager with Ernst & Young and has been with the firm for six years. During her career with EY, she has recruited Experienced and Campus candidates for Advisory, Assurance and Tax. Currently, she focuses solely on campus recruiting from a variety of schools in Michigan and Northwest Ohio. In addition, Lori also serves on the advisory board at Michigan State University’s placement office. Prior to her current role, Lori served as the Advisory Campus Recruiting Leader for EY’s North Central Sub Area locations. She assisted in implementing and strategizing with leadership on the new Advisory transformation. Lori graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree.Share and Bookmark
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