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Randy Brandoff reflects upon some common misconceptions that young professionals have about the interview process, employer expectations, and general career topics.
To download this podcast, click hereRandy offers his perspective on some common myths in the workplace. The first is that a student’s GPA is a prospective employer’s top priority. Randy believes that while your GPA matters, extracurricular activities are also extremely important because employers are looking for well-rounded candidates. The second belief that many students have is that the undergraduate major in college dictates what job and career they will pursue. However, Randy discusses that while there are some industries where this might be the case (architecture and engineering for example), generally he doesn’t agree. For example, there are countless liberal arts majors excelling on Wall Street. What you study in undergrad does not limit you to a specific direction; and the same applies to internships. Commonly, internships help people understand what they want and don’t want to do through gaining real life experience. The third perception is that the success in an interview comes down to whether the interviewer asks the right questions that allow you to showcase your strengths. Randy completely disagrees with this statement – a successful interview, he believes, comes down to the preparation you did, practicing before the interview, and having confidence during it. The next myth is that in an interview, the candidate needs to show how the company fits into his or her career goals. While Randy appreciates hearing how an employment opportunity fits into an applicant’s personal goals and life story, he finds it more compelling when the candidate discusses what they will bring to the company. The final general assumption is that a company will train a new employee and start them out slowly. According to Randy, this is very unique to the situation. There are some businesses that have long, formal training programs but the vast majority of companies cannot afford them. Instead new hires are quickly trained and expected to add value immediately. His final piece of advice to young professionals is to be yourself and to make who you are shine through during an interview.

About the Speaker
Randy Brandoff is the Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer for Marquis Jet. He joined Marquis Jet, the leader in private jet cards, as the Company’s founding employee and has been active in every aspect of start-up and growth phases. As CMO, Mr. Brandoff is the primary connection between Marquis Jet and its clients, focused on creating and managing profitable growth while engendering continued high customer retention. He is responsible for the successful development and implementation of Marquis Jet’s marketing and branding strategies and accountable for revenue, margin and market share performance. Prior to joining Marquis Jet, Mr. Brandoff was an Associate at The Argentum Group, a New York-based venture capital firm. Prior to joining Argentum, Mr. Brandoff was a Business Analyst with Deloitte Consulting LLC. Mr. Brandoff received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing (“AEM”) from Cornell University. He is on the board of Young at Heart, benefiting the Babies Heart Fund at Children’s Hospital at New York Presbyterian. He and his wife Dayna reside in New York City.You may contact him at: randy.brandoff@gmail.com

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