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Lauren shares some tips, strategies, and resources that can help with the internship process.
To download this podcast, click hereLauren is called the “intern queen” because she held 15 different internships during her 4 years at college. This helped her learn much about herself and her interests. All her internships had some media aspect to them, but in different fields which helped her narrow her likes and dislikes. As Lauren states, internships help you learn how to conduct yourself in a professional environment, learn administrative and technical skills, learn how to manage conflict, dress appropriately, and how to converse with company clients. She then shares some internship tips. For example, she suggests keeping the resume focused on the position you are targeting. Even with 15 different internships, she would not put more than 3 or 4 very relevant internships on her resume. As a personal strategy, she created her “Intern Queen Dream List” with the 10 companies she wanted to work for. She would research each company, and then block out her time to apply for all of them at once. She would then follow-up with each company, something she recommends to all listeners. She suggests that you have all your materials ready before you begin: template resume, template cover letter, and letters of recommendation. She recommends that after every semester or internship, you ask for a letter of recommendation so that you always have something that is relevant and current. A great resource for students is her website (link below) with over 500 employers that are still looking for interns for spring and summer 2010. She recommends that you apply for at least 10 internships each semester. Lauren says that the important thing to remember is that she built InternQueen so that she can be the person to guide you through your internship process, and she is very excited to have the opportunity to help you.

About the Speaker
Lauren Berger is called “The Intern Queen” after completing 15 internships during her 4 years at college. Berger is CEO of Intern Queen Inc., an internship destination site where employers find interns and students connect with internships – all with the personal touch of “The Intern Queen”. Lauren was just named #5 on BusinessWeek’s Annual “Top 25 Entrepreneurs 25 and Under” List. Her website currently gets approximately 25,000 unique visitors each month. The site also features Lauren’s Blog: I AM INTERN – providing internship advice for employers, students, parents, and professors. She has recently placed students with The Academy Awards, NBC Universal, Nielsen Business Media, Clear Channel, and many more.
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