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Linda discusses internal networking and how listeners can make meaningful relationships at work that can help them get ahead.
To download this podcast, click hereLinda’s message is simple – building relationships within your company (internal networking) can influence your success. It allows others in your organization to get to know you better, see your skill set, and understand your leadership style. Research shows that women, more than men, spend more time doing their work and less time networking. Men on the other hand, spend more time building relationships that allow them to climb the professional ladder faster. Internal networking is building genuine relationships, creating many casual friendships, and letting your associates see your role in the company and your accomplishments. Linda shares a personal story about a woman who worked extremely hard but got passed over twice for a promotion. With Linda’s coaching, they made a few small changes to her professional demeanor and she eventually got the promotion. Some of the things that they changed included: attending all the company events, networking and meeting people outside of her comfort zone at these events, setting up lunch dates with people in her company to learn what was going on in other departments, getting involved in company projects, and finally, getting to company meetings early so that she could speak with different people and network. These changes helped Linda’s client become more visible and helped her get the promotion. Linda then ends the podcast with other tips and suggestions related to internal networking.

About the Speaker
Linda Yaffe, Leadership Development and Certified Executive Coach, works with career-minded men and women who want to focus on the leadership competencies and personal branding strategies that will move them to a greater level of professional and financial achievement. Linda incorporates her 16 years of front-line business experience, including senior and executive positions, to provide the essential skills, competencies and strategies needed to perform, advance and lead in today’s workplace environment. While serving as Senior Vice President at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Linda personally interviewed, hired, and coached numerous high achieving men and women. Linda abides by the strict code of confidentiality and adheres to the highest standard of ethics in accordance with the International Coach Federation.

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