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Drew discusses the mistakes he made in the job search process and how listeners can avoid them today.
To download this podcast, click hereThe first issue Drew really struggled with as a student was disorganization. His key advice is to get organized, plan ahead for all of you job search commitments, and know what you have on your plate. A way to do this is to create a calendar or tracking sheet with all the upcoming job events. Another issue he encountered was that he had difficulty focusing on the companies and jobs that he was interviewing for. As Drew states, no matter how organized you are, you cannot spread yourself too thin, and focus on each job application is critical. Generic cover letters and resumes won’t get you too far in this market. To focus your efforts, seek help through the university’s alumni network, career services, friends, and relatives. Drew suggests that students seek help early and often about how to narrow career interests, and figure out what it specifically that you want to get into within a certain field. You can job shadow, talk to alumni, talk to MBA students, and learn what a specific job actually entails. He also urges to not limit your internship and job search to just career services; look at industry websites, specific company websites, and even contact the company to see if they have any positions availabile even if nothing is posted to create opportunities for yourself. His last point is to not miss easy opportunities such as company visits, boot camps, and other events that are taking place on campus where you can network and make invaluable connections.

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Drew Conklin is a recent graduate of Cornell University who now works in Strategy & Operations for Deloitte Consulting in Washington, D.C. He currently works with governmental clients in the firm’s federal practice. He previously completed internships in real estate consulting and investment management with firms in Queensland, Australia and Beverly Hills, California.http://www.linkedin.com/pub/drew-conklin/7/643/911


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