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Lynda gives an example of business development at Florida’s Space Coast through expanding assembly work beyond operations, and also discusses making the most of challenges such as the recent economy.
About the Speaker
Lynda L. Weatherman, a Florida native, is the president & CEO of the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast. She is primarily responsible for generating new prospects activity and the retention of existing industry, while keeping abreast of government laws and regulations effecting economic development, all with a goal of creating new jobs for the Brevard County community. She provides advice and counsel to local business and industry and relays new programs and procedures to assist manufacturing and high tech companies. In 1979, Weatherman obtained her B.A. in Social Sciences / Education from the University of South Florida. Upon graduation, she was a teacher until 1981 when she began her Masters work. In 1983, upon completing her initial Masters program in economic development from the University of Southern Mississippi, she interned at the Florida Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis. She became the Associate Director of Economic Development at the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce in 1985, and advanced in 1986 to Research and Marketing Director for the Marion County Economic Development Agency. Weatherman’s work resulted in winning a Rotarian Fellowship to the University of Hong Kong where, in 1990, she completed her second (2nd) Master’s Degree in International and Urban Planning. While in Hong Kong, Weatherman was an independent contractor for the Hong Kong Trade Fair Group and was responsible for conducting international trade analysis. Upon returning to the United States in 1991, she became the Executive Director of the Space Coast Development Commission and in 1992, became the Executive Director of the City of Titusville’s Economic Development Department. Weatherman assumed her current position with the EDC of Florida’s Space Coast in August of 1994.

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