John Quigley
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John discusses the role of innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit in a corporate setting, and emphasizes the value of mentors to college students.
About the Speaker
John Quigley believes in living outside of the comfort zone. Whether it’s developing the latest Visteon technology, or go-kart racing with his 13-year-old daughter, Quigley pushes the limits to see what he – and others around him – can really accomplish.John is Director of Global Technology Development for Visteon’s Powertrain Control Systems Division. He is also Visteon’s official ambassador of racing, a role he professionally nurtures and personally treasures.

“So many companies get into racing for the sponsorship, for the billboards,” Quigley says. “Visteon has entered racing to develop and prove out its technology. And there is no harsher environment for proving technology than racing.”

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