Scott Kerslake
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Scott discusses how both his creative and analytical qualities, leadership and competitive roles in sports, and ability to cope with the word “no” helped him become the successful entrepreneur that he is today. He also talks about his desire to create a meaningful culture in the work environment, through blending work and life on the job, and he gives four key elements that attribute success to entrepreneurs.
About the Speaker
Scott Kerslake is currently the CEO of prAna Living, LLC, a leader in outdoor, yoga and active lifestyle apparel. Prior to prAna, Scott was the President of Miraval Life in Balance™ the number one ranked destination wellness spa and resort in the world (Conde Nast, Spa Finder and Travel & Leisure). Prior to Miraval, Scott was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Athleta Corporation, widely recognized as one of the premier brands in the women’s sports and active markets. Scott was the creator of the Athleta brand, its strategic plan, and internal cultural development. The New York Times, CNN and Chicago Tribune referred to Athleta as one of the most progressive and employee friendly organizations in the U.S. Prior to Athleta, Scott worked in San Francisco, CA and Cambridge, Mass., as a management consultant for Sapient Corporation.

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