Charles Clemente
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Charles discusses the differences between working in small and large companies, the difficulties of selling new media during its origins, his rollercoaster ride of wealth through the dot com bubble, and his emphasis on happiness and enjoying the ride.
About the Speaker
After 35 years in the computer and technology industry, Chuck entered into semi-retirement from his position as Chief Operating Officer of America Online/Regate Communications. During this time, Chuck’s unique combination of operating management and hands-on counseling in strategic marketing and positioning has aided more than 200 companies in rapid growth in revenues, market expansion and profits. In addition to leading the growth and operations of new media and marketing companies such as Redgate, Gray Strayton International and Hill and Knowlton, Chuck also acted as a strategic consultant to many fortune 100 corporations, start-ups, fast growing companies creating new market areas and several leading international corporations. Chuck has also worked in senior management positions and was the corporate spokesperson to the financial community and news media at rapid growth corporations such as Digital Equipment Corporation. Chuck serves on the Board of Directors for The Astronauts Memorial Foundation , serving as its Chairman from 2001 – 2003.He also is currently serving on the Board of Trustees of the Florida Institute of Technology. An Air Force veteran of the Korean War, Chuck received a bachelor’s degree from Boston University’s School of Public Communications and has completed several leadership programs throughout the years.

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