10 Good Minutes for Engineers

Jamie Kalousdian and Werner Zorman introduce their podcast series for engineering students: What, Why and How?


Jamie Kalousdian is co-host and co-producer of 10GM’s podcast series for engineers. Roped into getting in front of the mic over a beer by Werner (a very persuasive guy when at the Chapter House Pub) is pretty sure he didn’t miss his calling – to be in radio – but is having a blast creating valuable content for the Cornell community and beyond with his buddy Werner. Jamie has been responsible for creating entrepreneurship and educational content for sites like eClips, Entrepreneurship@Dyson, Women in Leadership at Dyson and various schools and colleges about Cornell as Assistant Director of the Dyson Media Innovation Group.


Werner Zorman, Associate Director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program, has over 23 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held various executive leadership positions. He is an expert in leadership development and has a special interest in meditation and the character virtue of resilience. His passion for 10GM for engineers comes from wanting to see Cornell students succeed in the interview process and get the job they were always dreaming about.

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