Episode #14: Competitive Drive

David Schnurr Headshot

David Schnurr is an engineering manager at Graphiq. David joined the company in October 2012 after graduating from UCSB with a Bachelor of Science in computer science. At Graphiq, David is working on developing interactive graphs and maps that consumers can use when they are researching and making decisions.

Graphiq: Our mission is to drastically simplify the process of obtaining the world’s knowledge. We turn complicated data into vivid and contextually-rich visualizations and knowledge products.

Everything we do is built upon our Knowledge Graph, the world’s deepest and most interconnected collection of data points and contextual information on the internet. It’s made up of 120 billion data points, describing 1 billion entities across 1,000+ collections. Our Knowledge Graph relies on thousands of public and private data sources and a dedicated team of 60+ researchers and data scientists who continuously maintain, relate, and develop it.

Every day, millions of people interact with our Knowledge Graph through our vertical search engines. The world’s leading journalists enrich their articles with our authoritative visualizations. Enterprise customers gain direct access to our Knowledge Graph to make their products more compelling and interactive.

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Addendum1: Data Points Graphiq is using

Addendum2: Database Technologies Graphiq is using

Addendum3: Induction

Addendum4: Usual Day

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