Episode #7: Life is Messy

Andy Wilner

Cornellian Mike Seiler, Director of Engineering at Moat, is looking for strong “Python” developers. Mike’s suggestions for applicants include to consider the difference between what you do in College and what you do in a job out in the “Real World”. Designing, building, and maintaining your own Website is an excellent way to stand out among other applicants and has the advantage that you can look at it together during the interview.

Company: Moat was founded in 2010 by brothers Noah Goodhart and Jonah Goodhart and Michael Walrath. The company develops technologies and products for brand advertisers and premium publishers. Moat’s products include Moat Intelligence and Moat Analytics. The goal is to create products which help companies build and strengthen their brands online and ultimately fortify their moats.

The name of the company is inspired by Warren Buffett who has said that “a truly great business must have an enduring moat

Links: Mike Seiler Moat

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