10GoodMinutes is a podcast created at Cornell University, in response to the demand by students for short, important, audio content. We’ve created topics dealing with career development and entrepreneurship. Being on a college campus, we hear firsthand about the challenges students are facing in the current economy. Our goal is to inform and educate our listeners on issues related to finding, getting and keeping your job or a life in entrepreneurship.

10GoodMinutes was created in collaboration with the Cornell eClips team. eClips is the largest online collection of digital videos focused on business and entrepreneurship.

Werner Zorman

Werner Zorman, Associate Director of the Cornell Engineering Leadership Program, has over 23 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held various executive leadership positions. He is an expert in leadership development and has a special interest in meditation and the character virtue of resilience. His passion for 10GM for engineers comes from wanting to see Cornell students succeed in the interview process and get the job they were always dreaming about.

Jamie Kalousdian

Jamie Kalousdian is co-host and co-producer of 10GM’s podcast series for engineers. Roped into getting in front of the mic over a beer by Werner (a very persuasive guy when at the Chapter House Pub) is pretty sure he didn’t miss his calling – to be in radio – but is having a blast creating valuable content for the Cornell community and beyond with his buddy Werner. Jamie has been responsible for creating entrepreneurship and educational content for sites like eClips, Entrepreneurship@Dyson, Women in Leadership at Dyson and various schools and colleges about Cornell as Assistant Director of the Dyson Media Innovation Group.

Aaron Kaye

Aaron Kaye, hire to “clean up” a simple little entrepreneurship WordPress site, has transformed the 10GM site into an amazing tool for engineers and other listeners to digest a very good 10 minutes of audio crunchiness with Werner and Jamie. We’re pretty sure if he could keep his new Les Paul and amp in the office his life would be fulfilled… or not. Before joining Dyson Media Innovation Group he wandered the streets carrying a keyboard in search of his next programming gig.


10GoodMinutes is in it’s 7th year and owes it’s existence to Romi Kher and Deb Streeter who wanted to give Dyson School students something to chew on as they thought about moving beyond their campus housing/classroom environment to a workplace environment. These are the folks who have made 10GoodMinutes what it is today.

Jacie Stivers

Jacie is the host of the new Entrepreneurship segment of 10GM. She is the principal managing partner of Commercial Investment Real Estate, Inc. located in Melbourne Florida. Started in 1983 with less than $500 of her own funding, Jacie grew Commercial Investment Real Estate to become one of the premier commercial real estate brokerage firms in the Space Coast of Florida, handling over $100M in closings. An interesting fact about Jacie (besides being a successful entrepreneur) is at the age of 16, she was the youngest nationally rated gymnastic judge. By age 17 Jacie had received her international rating and began coaching and judging Olympic level gymnasts. In this series she digs into her extensive contact list to talk with entrepreneurs about the answers to business issues that are Not In the Back of the Book. To hear more about Jacie’s entrepreneurial journey visit eClips!

Romi Kher

Romi is the host and self-proclaimed “talent” of the show. He is also a member of the eClips team, conducting video interviews for the collection. Another role Romi plays on the eClips team is to provide leadership on critical issues, although no one has really figured out what these critical issues are. Somewhere along the way, Romi managed to grab a Bachelor’s degree is Hospitality Management and an MBA, both from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is currently a PhD student in the department of Applied Economics & Management at Cornell University, with a focus on researching small business development and entrepreneurship.

Personality type:  Sunshine on a cloudy day

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Rachel Gordon

Rachel was our lead producer and content manager for 10GM. One of her primary roles in this position was to keep Romi and his wild ideas in check, but she also found time to manage the online media and marketing channels for eClips, and spend time in the Entrepreneurship@Cornell office taking on crazy projects. Rachel is a 2008 graduate of the Food Science Department at Cornell University. One of her accomplishments was reaching the expert level in Guitar Hero. Rachel left 10GM in the summer of 2009 to attend law school in Washington, DC.

Personality type: Clouds on a sunny day

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Meghan Brown

Meghan started with us as a junior at Cornell University studying Applied Economics and Management. With Rachel off to law school, Meghan was the new content producer, in charge of editing the podcasts, updating the 10GM website, and assisting with marketing outreach for the eClips team. Meghan won the nationwide 10GM talent search for an outstanding baker with an interest in media management. Her outstanding brownies and her willingness to be made fun of by Romi made her the #1 choice for the job. Meghan has a twin sister, but she insists that she is “the smarter one” with a great personality. This claim is still under investigation.

Personality type: Wait… huh?

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Media Lab

In addition to Romi and Rachel, 10GoodMinutes relied on Manuel Lora to keep things running smoothly. Manuel is the official photographer for 10GM, and he and Jamie were the 10GM tech gurus. In addition to their technical roles, they assist Rachel in keeping Romi in line and make the 10GoodMinutes production process run smoothly.

Personality type:  They work indoors and don’t really care about sunshine or clouds.