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Episode #16: Entrepreneurial Thinking

Seth Martin, Cornell student and entrepreneur, shares his recommendations regarding career selection, entrepreneurship, coping with stress, and more.

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Episode #15: Dynamic & Fast-Moving

Keith Pajonas, Senior Manager at Ernest & Young elaborates on EY’s requirements for new

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Episode #14: Competitive Drive

David Schnurr, Engineering Manager at Graphiq, is looking for ambitious, friendly and yet competitive SW developer.

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Episode #13: For Our Clients

Ed Bae, Senior Manager at Accenture, is looking for students who like thinking analytically, who like solving problems, and also enjoy collaborating and leading.

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Episode #12: Season Summary

Jamie and Werner are presenting two topics which several hiring managers have talked about. Two important themes to be considered when preparing for your job interview.

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Episode #11: Show Some Moxy

Stacy Ferranti, Head of Talent at MongoDB, wants job applicants to know her company really well, to be team players, to enjoy low-level programming and to show some “moxy”.

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Episode #10: Better Listening

Cornell Engineering students Leslie Munyao and Harry Goldstein introduce the 3 levels of listening. A concept which helps improving one’s listening skills.

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Episode #9: Making a Difference

Aaron Godert, CTO and Co-founder of GiveGab, is looking for ambitious “team players” who want to help non-profit organizations raise money and find volunteers.

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