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Episode #8: Design is not a Luxury

Andrew Burke, Head of Talent Development at SquareSpace explains why for SquareSpace “Design is not a Luxury”

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Episode #7: Life is Messy

Mike Seiler, Director of Engineering at Moat, emphasizes the difference between what you do in College and what you do in a job out in the “Real World”.

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Episode #6: The Secret Pill

Better Grades, Better Health, Better Relationships – One pill to improve them all

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Episode #5: Don’t Lie

Cornell alumnus Dan Storms talks about “red flags” in interviews and what you can expect from being part of Originate

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Episode #4: Let’s Have a Conversation

Listen to this podcast with Dan Storms and you will know what it takes to land a job at Originate

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Episode #3: Match for Life

Andy Willner, manager at Sensata, outlines how authenticity during the interview helps to find a true match.

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Episode #2: Eye Contact

John Eales, Leader of a 500+ engineering team in Nokia North America, about communications skills and being able to answer the “Why question”

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Episode #1: Humility

David Delaney, senior technical recruiter at YEXT, talks about the importance of collaboration, determination, and humility.

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