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What if you could directly question someone actually hiring engineers, without fearing you’d make a beginner’s blunder? We make it easy – we do the asking for you and serve up the answers—with a lot of fun along the way– in this podcast series. Our hosts, Werner Zorman (Associate Director of Cornell Engineering Leadership Program) and Jamie Kalousdian (Associate Director of Dyson Media Innovation Group), talk to the experts.

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This is a series about career advice.

The host, Dr. Romi Kher (Postdoc at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management) presents fast-paced interviews with professionals from various industries and backgrounds, all in just 10 minutes (the time it might take you to walk from class to class). He’s not afraid to ask the tough questions to help you figure out the roadmap for your career.

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Ever wonder about the secret sauce that leads to success in a new venture?

Host Jacie Stivers (Principal managing partner of Commercial Investment Real Estate, Inc.) can tell you: that answer is not in the back of the book. Instead, she opens her contact list (she used to call it a “rolodex!”) and dials up other seasoned entrepreneurs for their important advice to budding entrepreneurs.

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